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Anup Kumar: There’s no room for mistakes in the semis

19 October 2016

In their last group match of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, India savoured a comfortable win against England on Tuesday night. With this result, the hosts became the third team to qualify for the semi-finals. After Iran’s unexpected defeat yesterday versus Poland, India will now face the second team to qualify from Group B.

India’s men in blue were exceptionally composed, made near to zero errors and nailed an impressive victory. For England, they seemed to have learned a lot from the tournament by playing against some of the big sides of modern day kabaddi. A side relatively younger than India, England displayed a lot of courage playing the hosts but it was of no avail.

Captains of both teams were present at the press conference after the match to talk about their game and events of the day. A rather cheerful India captain Anup Kumar said: “Mistakes are not good, because if we make any mistakes in the semi-finals, we will be knocked out of the tournament. We reflect on the mistakes we made against Korea and we will make sure we don’t repeat them.”

India’s assistant coach K. Baskaran expressed his faith in the team when he stated: “The team is playing to their full potential. They are giving their best. If the opposite team also plays with the same confidence and same passion, maybe the margin could be low. We will give our best against whichever team we face in the semis.”

On the other hand, England captain Someshwar Kalia and his boys will take home a lot of valuable lessons from the tournament. “We were playing against a team which has been playing kabaddi for years, with loads of experience. It was a good challenge, we played our hearts out and we tried what we could.”

“Of course, there’s always progress. We’ve learnt so much from this World Cup, playing against all our opponents and we’ve gained so much experience with such kind of exposure. This is only going to take a positive influence back to England,” he remarked.

India’s Dream Team qualified for the October 21 semi-finals along with Republic of Korea and Iran. For more on this match, visit our MatchCentre.