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India has the last laugh, qualify comfortably for semis

18 October 2016

India’s final group match versus England in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup ended with a big win, 69-18 being the final scoreline. With five all-outs inflicted on the English, the home team cruised to a comfortable victory without much hassle. Pardeep Narwal and Ajay Thakur bagged Super 10s, while Surjeet got an impressive High 5 in defence for the Indians. Meanwhile for England, Someshwar Kalia and Keshav Gupta were the saving grace. 

Both teams started on a positive note with a point apiece and went on till a tie-breaker from Pardeep Narwal’s multiple raid points gave a blow to the Three Lions. Soon, the hosts tightened their defence and executed some brilliant raids, tearing the English defence apart. Within a span of five minutes, later into the first half, England were all-out twice. The score at half-time was a lopsided 45-6, the biggest lead taken by any team at the 20-minute mark in the entire tournament. India’s 45 was also the highest total points scored by a team in the first half.

Throughout the game, India’s strategy seemed to be about limiting England any raid points and avoiding being tackled themselves. It saw the score-margin grow exponentially towards the end of the second half, making it impossible for England to bounce back and throw any punches. 

With this match, the visitors bowed out of the tournament completely. They did have the reigns to Bangladesh’s fate – a slim chance – in the competition had they pulled off an improbable win, but in the end the effort didn’t translate to success.

India and Republic of Korea are the two teams who qualify to the big semi-finals from Group A. Elsewhere, Iran from Group B have already qualified despite their defeat to Poland. Thailand’s next against Japan will decide the fourth semi-finalist for the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.

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