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Kenya wallop USA, hope for a miracle entry into semis

18 October 2016

Kenya kept their semi-final hopes alive in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup thrashing the United States of America 74-19 in their final group stage encounter. The African side was too strong for the Americans on the day as they went about their business knowing fully well that they needed to score big to stay in the hunt for a chance at the final four. 

Kenya's James Obilo and Odhiambo Ogak Haggai were so scintillating that they left the field with 7 tackle points each. Captain David Mosambayi underlined his supremacy with another Super 10 collecting 12 raid points and he was a treat to watch.

The first half started with USA taking a narrow lead in the first few minutes as the Americans seemed to have turned up fully charged to challenge Kenya. But they lost track soon after and suffered a first all-out in just 7 minutes, trailing 4-10. They surely looked a much improved side though. Mosambayi lured the USA defenders with his deceiving toe touches, collecting easy touch points. Kenya were on an unstoppable run as they foisted two more all-outs on USA in a flinch of the eye. 

At the end of the first half, Kenya took a massive 38-8 lead against the United States.

In the very first minute of the second half, the trailing side suffered their fourth all-out. The Kenyans were making every single raid count and kept the scoreboard ticking by inflicting yet another all-out in the 26th minute. John Muremwa's undying efforts yielded 4 raid points as he ousted four Kenyan defenders. Kenya posted 3 consecutive super tackles when they were down to three men; they had dismantled the Americans six times during the match.

USA ended their campaign finishing at the bottom of the table without adding a single point to their tally. However, they will take back a positive experience that bodes well for their kabaddi future. A bit of a late bloomer in the tournament, Kenya have now climbed to second place in Group B with 16 points after this win. The Thailand-Japan match on Wednesday will now decide the fate of the African side. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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