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Near perfect Bangladesh keep slim semi-final hopes alive

17 October 2016

Bangladesh needed a massive victory over Group B’s bottom team Australia to keep their slim hopes of making it to the last four of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup alive, and they got exactly what they wanted. Right from the starting whistle to the last, the Asians stamped their authority on the mat with what could be said was a near perfect performance. The final score read 80-8.

Bangladesh wasted little time in getting on with their business and scored 13 straight, unanswered points over Australia in the opening exchanges. Australia, as soon as in the 13th minute, were staring at their second all-out of the game. Bangladesh were in no mood to lower their guard as they continued to dominate the Australians on both ends of the mat, with their raiders taking points without any response from the opponents and the defence doing their task very efficiently as well.

The first half came to a halt with the scores at 36-2, but shortly before that, Bangladesh inflicted a third all-out on the Aussies. 

As the second half began, Bangladesh did not seem to slow down even for a little bit and continued to dominate the game. Within four minutes of the second half, they inflicted another all-out.

While Australia were struggling to get going in the game, Bangladesh today seemed like a side looking to balance the attack and defence to perfection. They were nearly successful in that task as well, as Australia recorded their first raid point only in the 28th minute through Nicholas Cunningham, with all points before coming in as technical points.

At the final whistle, Bangladesh had already inflicted a tournament high 7 all-outs on Australia and the game ended with an emphatic score of 80-8 in their favour.

Bangladesh needed a huge win to keep a difficult, but mathematically possible hope to reach the semi-finals alive. With this huge victory over Australia, they have to wait and hope England win against India with a difference of at least 7 points. 

As for Australia, they take home some valuable experience, which will surely help them take the sport their country to another level.  

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