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Poland wreck United States with record win

14 October 2016

It was a forgettable evening for the United States of America as they faced a massive defeat at the hands of Poland in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. For the Poles, it was one of those days where everything went in their favour – right from the points USA were throwing away to their attempts at getting successful raids. Poland captain Michal Spiczko was the man of the moment with 16 points; 12 from raids and 4 from tackle points. Teammates Piotr Pamulak and Jakub Kloskowski followed suit with seven points each. 

Right from the first raid, Poland made their intentions clear by snatching a raid and a touch point through Pamulak. In response, USA captain Troy Bacon went off to raid but was overpowered by the opposing defenders. There were hardly any empty raids in the first five minutes as both teams were busy prying for more points. Ronald Fields’ tackle on Pamulak broke the deadlock for the Americans but it was all downhill for them thereon. Poland showed their superiority by inflicting three all-outs by half-time – the score 37-14 to Poland.

The second half was not a different story either. Poland grabbed a bonus point and Patryk Dumicz punished a sloppy USA defence with two raid points. It seemed that the American defence had tuned out and were caught napping many a times by the Polish raiders. With five all-outs, Filip Szczeski’s High 5 and Spiczko’s Super 10, Poland marched towards an easy victory with a record margin: 75-29. 

USA and Poland are clearly out of the tournament but their upcoming fixtures will still decide the fate of other teams that need to make it to the semi-finals. With the USA pitted against Thailand and Poland taking on Iran, the top three spots can expect a flux if any of these two teams shock their opponents. For the full stats of the USA vs Poland encounter, visit out MatchCentre.