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Dong Ju Hong credits team’s composure for come-from-behind win

14 October 2016

As closely contested a match as it was, Bangladesh vs. Republic of Korea will go down in history books as one of the most epic comebacks ever in kabaddi. Trailing 10-0 in the first half to a firing Bangladesh squad, the Koreans turned the face of the story by the beginning of half-time by levelling scores, 15 apiece. Sure, Bangladesh had a confident start but the Koreans had the last laugh as they scored a hat-trick of wins in the group game with a hundred percent victory rate in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup so far.

A win over Bangladesh has earned them the top spot in Group A with 15 points in three games, followed by India and Bangladesh at second and third respectively. At the post-match press conference, Republic of Korea captain Dong Ju Hong and star raider Jang Kun Lee were up for a chat. Their semi-final dreams are looking almost real and the Koreans believe the championship is their calling. 

An overwhelmed captain Dong Ju Hong gave credit to his team’s composure when he said: “Bangladesh are a good opponent. We paid attention and made sure we didn’t lose our concentration in the initial stages. I told my team that we could do this and to keep our heads high and get the win.”

“As you saw, it was a close match, with the match going down to the wire. We just capitalised on their mistakes and very lucky enough to emerge winners,” he said.

Jang Kun Lee chimed in as well, “We are happy as we have defeated Bangladesh for the first time. We had information about Bangladesh and had analysed their style of playing. We made some changes in today’s game.”

Bangladesh had a peculiar strategy of having a player crouching when Jang Kun Lee was raiding. Was that a distraction? The experienced raider didn’t seem perturbed by it. 

“We weren’t surprised with the player crouching. We have faced such situations before. The team is prepared to face every situation,” he said confidently.

The Koreans will now relax for a couple of days before heading into battle with England on October 16. Being the only unbeaten team in Group A so far, they have shown much skill and spunk in the tournament. And they will hope to continue that streak all the way to the big trophy.

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