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Super Thailand bamboozle Kenya to log emphatic win

13 October 2016

It was billed as a game of equals. Kenya’s heart-warming show against powerhouse Iran even prompted many to fancy the African side. But, Thailand seemed unperturbed by that and went about their business with precision. Their captain Khomsan Thongkham along with Khunakon Chanjaroen showcased brilliant raiding skills to leave the Kenyans in disarray, eventually winning by a fantastic 53-21 margin.

The Thais were on the money right from the beginning with Thongkham and Chanjaroen unsettling the Kenyans. They were disciplined in their defence too, Sarawut Hopet’s ankle holds and Tin Phonchoo’s back holds doing their job consistently. They also limited the Kenyans to many empty raids and Chanjaroen gobbled up many points in the pursuit with his quickness. The Africans were rattled and their normally inspirational skipper David Mosambayi too, had no answers. 

The Kenyan skipper tried to make up for it by diving into tackles which didn’t bring him any success. He was restricted to only two bonus points in the match and spent more than half of the 40-minute duration of the match on the bench.

The Thais maintained a high defensive line which stifled the movement of the Kenyan attackers and Mosambayi in particular. Thongkham and Co. executed their plans particularly well which simply negated the Kenyans’ power game. Mosambayi looked frustrated, short of ideas and it took substitutes John Muremwa and Julius Nyaduwa to get some successful raids on board. In contrast, Thailand were confident and Thongkham looked calm throughout the game. 

There were flashes of revival after Elphas Otieno’s super tackle and there were also a couple of close calls for the Thai defence where the Kenyan raiders almost pulled off a super tackle. But, Thailand shut that door immediately and continued with their domination throughout the match.

In the end, the Thais completely bossed the game and simply demolished the Kenyans in a one-sided match.