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Balwan Singh: Dussehra win is dedicated to our fans

12 October 2016

A stellar performance on Tuesday night against Bangladesh in the Group A match saw India put their strong foot forward to take a significant step in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. After their third match, India topped the group with 11 points ahead of the Republic of Korea. England and Bangladesh are placed third and fourth respectively followed by Argentina and Australia. 

Bangladesh are a strong contender in the group and have played England so far where they bagged a high-scoring victory. Despite the anticipation, Bangladesh could not give India a run for their money as they stumbled in the first ten minutes of the game. What started as an equally contested fixture, Bangladesh later dropped all signs of scoring points through raids and concentrated solely on their defence which proved costly later in the game. 

Indian coach Balwan Singh was overwhelmed by India’s performance which will assure them a berth in the semi-finals if they conquer Argentina in their next encounter.

“This win is dedicated to our fans,” Balwan Singh said as his country celebrated the festival of Dussehra on Tuesday. “It’s very important for India to win in any form of sport on this occasion. This time the Indian kabaddi team were presented with the opportunity and we lived up to the occasion.”

Indian captain Anup Singh felt that this result was even more significant besides the auspicious occasion as it had served to boost the side’s confidence.

“We wanted to prove to our fans that the loss against the Republic of Korea didn’t let us down,” he insisted. “We’re back and the team is even more motivated to win.”

Bangladesh, on the other hand, will be facing the Republic of Korea in their next match on October 13 and will take the learnings from the defeat through the rest of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.

“India is a very good team. They are very good in reading the game. We tried to put up a good fight but our boys were nervous and we lost the match,” Bangladesh coach Subimal C. Das reflected. "We will look to get over this loss and win the next matches to progress to the semi-finals.”