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India outplay Bangladesh in bid to make the semis

11 October 2016

While India celebrated the festival of Dussehra on Tuesday night, the Indian kabaddi team clinched a crucial victory over Bangladesh with the score reading 57-20. Since the hosts’ opening encounter upset at the hands of the Republic of Korea, a lot was expected of them in their fixture against their neighbouring rivals. For India, Ajay Thakur and Surender Nada put up exceptional performances; both coming from the bench, wherein Thakur nailed a quick Super 10 and Nada stood as strong as a wall claiming a deserving High 5. 

India’s third outing in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup called for nothing short of a win and they were playing one of the strongest contenders of the tournament – Bangladesh. The fixture was expected to be fiercely competitive and it was so in the opening five minutes of the game with both teams trailing head-to-head. Bangladesh’s confident tackles in the beginning started to take a toll on the Indian raiders including ‘Captain Cool’ Anup Kumar. In a quick exchange of pursuit raids and swift tackles, both teams were tied equally, but not for long as Bangladesh loosened their grip on raids and instilled more faith in their defence. It did not take the Indian side too long to respond with a fitting strategy – they went full out in attack and tightened their defence killing the hopes of the Bangladeshi raiders. 

Overall, India inflicted four all-outs on Bangladesh – three of them coming in under 28 minutes. Both teams were relying on substitutions and tactical changes but India overpowered all of the opponent’s game plans and outwitted them. The most fascinating tactical change came with India introducing Surender Nada in the flanks alongside Mohit Chhillar – a deadly combination of all proportions. 

With five minutes to go, Bangladesh were far behind and the huge lead seemed unassailable. Head to our MatchCentre for the complete breakdown of the match today.

Bangladesh will now face a fired up Republic of Korea on October 13 – a decider of sorts for both teams owing to India’s big win today. The home side, on the other hand, get a breather before meeting Argentina on October 15.