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Tackle-heavy Thailand annihilate Poland

10 October 2016

Thailand proved their mettle on Monday night as they tore apart a relatively stronger Poland in their second game of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. In another high-scoring affair, Thailand got past their opponents with much ease and claimed a 65-25 victory here in Ahmedabad. Khunakon Chanjaroen and Tin Phonchoo were exceptionally outstanding against their European opponents as both scored High 5s. Chanjaroen also completed a Super 10 becoming the first player in the tournament to do both in the same match. 

From the very first minute of the game, both teams looked equally composed and aware of their opponents but a series of successive raids and tackles from Thailand left Poland reeling right at the start making it 6-0. Apart from Jakub Kloskowski’s raid point, nothing phenomenal came from the Europeans as they were caught napping by the Thai raiders in the first half. Throughout the better part of the game, Thailand showed exceptional composure and patience and executed some brilliant tackles on the Polish raiders. The score at half time: 36-8.

The story was not too different in the second half either. Through Santi Bunchoet, Thailand broke the deadlock post half-time with a 2-point raid. 25 minutes into the game and Thailand had inflicted 5 all-outs on Poland. It was clear by now that Thailand was slowly drifting towards a high-margin victory. The only consolation for Poland came through Krzysztof Woźniak who bagged two back-to-back successful raids; amassing 4 points. The Poles could get Thailand all-out just once in the entire match.

Thailand’s victory, after their defeat against Iran, comes as a fitting reply to critics who questioned their credibility as deserving underdogs. Poland, on the other hand, need to go back to the drawing board and figure what they did wrong in this game. For details stats from the Thailand vs Poland encounter, visit our MatchCentre.