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Adewalure leads England to thumping win over Australia

10 October 2016

The early stages of the England-Australia match saw Someshwar Kalia get in a quick raid which caught the Aussies napping. That moment itself showed the difference in approaches of both sides as England were clearly the sharper side. Temi Tope Adewalure carried off from his good showing against mighty Iran in their first match as Australia were simply unable to cope with his physicality. England emerged victorious by a massive 69-25 margin.

Australia were all-out in just four minutes and that was the first of five such in the match. Three of those came in the first half itself as Adewalure ran riot in his raids. The long-limbed Keshav Gupta too proved too hot to handle for the Aussie defence. Adewalure ended with a terrific haul of 22 points, 20 of which came from raids and the remaining 2 points came in defence. In doing so, he overtook Kenyan David Mosambayi’s haul of 18 points (total: 21 points) against Poland for the highest raiding and total points scored in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup so far. As for Gupta, all 14 of his points came through raids. English captain Kalia who set the precedent early for an energetic performance, finished with 8 raid points and 3 tackle points for a total of 11 points.

The Aussie defence struggled throughout with Jasvir Singh’s 3 tackle points being the highest by their player. The team from Down Under managed only 5 tackle points overall, which proved to be their undoing. Their raids too left a lot to be desired and they improved on that part only after the introduction of Adam Schneider from the bench. Schneider picked up 9 points with Thomas Sharp the next best with 7. 

Before the match was underway, it was observed that the team which improves the most defensively will win as both defences were overrun in their opening games. It was England who did so as they exhibited improved teamwork while defending their side. England will take great heart from this display while the Aussies will look to introspect and work to improve on all aspects of their game. 

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