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Invincible Iran establish record win over feeble Thailand

09 October 2016

Iran’s second match of the group stage was a visual delight for their supporters as they claimed an easy 64-23 victory over Thailand. It also was a record margin of victory in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup so far. For Iran, Fazel Atrachali and Soleiman Pahlevani scored High 5s for their brilliant performance at the defence. Pahlevani also notched up the most tackle points in a match so far in the competition. Meanwhile, only the Thai captain, Khomsan Thongkham, could come close to the challenge put up by Iran with eight points from the mat.

Thailand started off really well with Santi Bunchoet’s leap over the Iranian cover – a move that left the entire stadium including the Middle Easterners in awe. His athleticism helped Thailand level scores with their opponents. The moment was short-lived though, as Iran meant pure business decimating Thailand in the next five minutes and got them all-out. Within 15 minutes, the young Thai side was all-out twice and the gap kept increasing. Score: 21-6. That was not all, as Atrachali grabbed a High 5 at a strike rate of 100%, Pahlevani followed suit while tearing apart Thailand’s attempt at any successive raid. 

Captain Thongkham, buried under expectation, could only manage two points by the third quarter of the game. For almost 20 minutes, Thailand did not have a single successful raid and most points they gathered were actually thrown away by Iran. Towards the final whistle, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan’s super raid inflicted an all-out on Thailand one more time – a total of four in the entire match.

The confident and indestructible Iran set an unassailable lead in Group B by registering an easy win. While Thailand was left clueless, what happened in 40 minutes was pure one-sided domination. If you missed what transpired in this clash, head to the MatchCentre to know more. 

Thailand will have to work harder as their next opponent on October 10, Poland, is no pushover, while Group B table-toppers Iran will lock horns with Kenya on October 11 in what promises to be a mouth-watering affair.