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Clinical Japan blow away USA in flawless victory

09 October 2016

The fans at The Arena in Ahmedabad witnessed a dauntless Japan who cruised past the United States of America 45-19 on the third day of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. The men from the land of the rising sun held all the aces from the beginning with their captain Masayuki Shimokawa and Takamitsu Kono standing tall. The two pillars for Japan lived up to expectation by scoring seven raid points and four tackle points respectively. USA, on the other hand, couldn't quite cope with the athleticism and skill showcased by their opposition. 

Japan may be making their debut at this tournament but seemed comfortable getting out of the blocks. After making the first move, they never looked back! With a speedy start, they took a 7-0 lead in the initial minutes. The Americans opened their account after seven minutes but were all-out later as their last man was tackled by Tetsuro Abe to give Japan a 11-2 lead. After a few minutes, Japan inflicted another all-out on USA.

Kazuhiro Takano shone with his impressive and quick raids as USA failed to deal with the pace of the quick Japanese raiders. The Asian team effortlessly breached into the American defence and got off the hook with simple touch points. Ben Marcelus of USA scored the first touch point for his side after 14 minutes into the first half, which was completely dominated by Japan who were leading by 23 points at one stage. 

Takano scored the only super raid of the match by taking out two American defenders and a bonus point. Shimokawa made five consecutive successful raids in the first half as USA looked helpless against the agility on show and fell victim with their naive advance tackles. The first half ended with a 29-6 scoreline in favour of Japan.

USA were looking to get a second lease of life after half-time but they threw in the towel in front of the superior Japanese defenders. Japan cleverly snatched many touch points in the pursuit when USA players like Dillyon Banks and Troy Bacon were time-wasting near the half-line. The Americans were unable to find any solution in the second period, except for a brief moment, when they scored nine consecutive raid points. Captain Bacon continued to emerge as the raiding star of USA as he collected five points in the match.

Japan ended USA’s misery with a dazzling display of speed and skill, helping them start off their World Cup endeavour on a high note. Despite being a young side, they showed good depth in the squad making them a potential contender for the semi-finals. USA now have two losses in as many matches and will hope for the experience so far to count in their upcoming fixtures. Check out the complete stats from this match to know where the game was won or lost. 

Group B action gets interesting as both Japan and USA will face Poland next on October 12 and October 14 respectively.