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England skipper optimistic despite tough first match

09 October 2016

Bangladesh clinched their first victory of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup by defeating England 52-18. The Asian team clearly dominated the entire game as they outsmarted the English defence and raiders alike with an unmatched gameplay. England captain Someshwar Kalia seemed optimistic despite the loss and concluded that they had a lot to learn from the game, their peers and opponents. He was also effusive in his praise for Bangladesh.

“First, I would like to congratulate Bangladesh on the victory. They played really well. All I have to say is we’ve got to learn from our mistakes and learn from such an established team like Bangladesh,” he said at the post-match press conference.

Early on in the first half, English all-rounder Temi Tope Adewalure put up a promising display of raiding and tackling. It won England some crowd support but they soon crumbled to the opposition’s attack.

“The result was somewhat expected, but we still posed a challenge. We are a relatively new team and we are still learning. We had a setback with one of our key players – Tejash (Depala) – who was injured in a friendly match. We have to pick ourselves up and keep fighting,” the captain asserted.  

Kalia will certainly hope for the tables to turn when he and his team are back on the mat. England will next face Australia on October 10. The latter are also smarting from a massive defeat at the hands of hosts India and will look to make amends. So it will be an interesting contest any way you look at it.