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“We will continue to give good results,” says Team Iran

08 October 2016

With the final score reading 52-15, Iran opened their 2016 Kabaddi World Cup campaign in emphatic fashion over the United States of America. As expected, Iran is the Group B leader with 23 successful raids in a single match. That’s a stat that will place them well ahead of their other opponents at this stage. There’s no denying that the team has its eyes firmly on the trophy and will make every effort to get there.

We met with Iran’s technical manager Kewel Chand Suthar and the captain Meraj Sheykh himself for a quick chat. Read on… 

How does Suthar evaluate the team’s stupendous performance in their opener? “You saw how we played! We played well and we are confident. We will continue to give good results,” he beamed.

Commenting on the shocking defeat of India at the hands of Republic of Korea, the team official believed it was just a bad day for the hosts. “It is never about one match. We won’t judge India based on that. They are still the strongest team in the tournament. We are equally prepared to face them.”

The Iranian team is clear about the end goal and won’t reveal any strategies – at least not yet – for the same. “Every team has come here with a strategy. I think it is too early to comment on that. We will take one match at a time. We will face India when they’re pitted against us,” Suthar said.

Some of the Iran players have played in the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi before. Do they get any benefit since they would know the conditions better? Suthar didn’t really think so. “When any team plays, it is in a fixed arena. So for someone to have knowledge about it (is great but) the whole team needs to be in sync with it. It only works with the team (because of the) unity they have.”

The skipper of course has had prior experience in India in previous seasons of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi, having represented Telugu Titans twice and Dabang Delhi once. “India is good. Team India is good. The people are good,” averred Sheykh when asked about the love and support he and his team have received so far. 

Iran’s next challenge is on Sunday, October 9 when they take on a young team from Thailand. The former may be favourites in this clash, but will ensure they don’t get complacent as they march on to their final goal. And they will certainly hope for more fans to be cheering for them. For more on Team Iran, click here.