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Manjeet Chhillar looks ahead to the Indian campaign

07 October 2016

Kabaddi is a sport that Indians have mastered since time immemorial. Even the ancient books from the sub-continent have recorded instances of the game being played for entertainment and competition. As the host nation for the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, India will also be shouldering responsibility along with massive expectations of them. The squad looks fresh, powered up and ever ready to conquer the world but the task is still going to be herculean. 

One such pumped up individual is Manjeet Chhillar, one of India’s top kabaddi players who is raring to go in Ahmedabad where the gala global spectacle is about to get underway. 

When asked about his team’s preparation, he remarked: “Our team is well prepared with the guidance and training of our coaches. Both of them have been past players and they have a lot of experience playing at the professional level. They know our team’s strengths and the areas we need to improve on.” 

Uninitiated fans would remark, referring to India’s past glory in the Asian Games and other top competitions, about their unbeaten stint. However, a lot has changed for India and its competitors who have enough talent and skill to put up a challenge for the hosts. 

Chhillar added: “Our team has a good mix of young and senior players. We have the right set of players who will rise to the occasion in a given situation and deliver the results for the team. We will be looking to put a good show for the fans and make our country proud.”

On October 7, when India take on Republic of Korea, all eyes will be on the blue brigade. Expectations are big and so is the prize at the end of the fight. Catch all the action live on the Star Network and hotstar.