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Republic of Korea ready to take on the World’s best

17 September 2016

Talk about experience in kabaddi and the Korean team doesn’t have much. But what they have is the perfect blend of strength and agility for a quick, explosive game which can surprise any opposition. Introduced newly to the game, even the Korean coach doesn’t have formal training in the sport, but conceptually they are well aware, and it will be a huge blunder to take them lightly as they have proved time and again as to how capable they are.

Their national team was formed only in 2010, when the Korea Olympic Council extended their support to the Korea Kabaddi Association (KKA), which resulted in them building a national team for the first time, and consequently taking part in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

It’s heartening to note that in Korean schools, kabaddi is being promoted as a life sport with the philosophy of “Kabaddi for All”, and is also being used as an instrument for social change.

Come this World Cup, Republic of Korea will gear up for a massive challenge. Players like Tae Deok Eom, Jang Kun Lee, Kim Seong Ryeol, Hong Dong Ju and Park Hyun Il have paved the way with stellar performances in various seasons of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi, which will encourage the team to do well on the big stage. It’s the boost of confidence Republic of Korea needs before stepping onto the mat in October, and the team will certainly hope to bring joy to their fans.