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Modern day gladiators

03 October 2016

A look at the names of a few countries taking part in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad would be met with responses of amazement. This October, kabaddi enthusiasts will be introduced to a host of nations playing the game at an international level for the first time, and they are sure to leave a mark.

A World Cup in any sporting event is, in the truest sense, a grand spectacle that brings together different countries of the world to compete with each other for glory. Many of these countries have taken to the game in recent times with great passion and dedication, and are upping their game as days progress. As they juggle their personal lives with kabaddi, the one thing that has stood out is the attitude with which they have taken to the sport.

England has a massive Indian influence to their team, and many of their players are connected to kabaddi through their ancestors. Kenya and Poland have players that love contact sport and have backgrounds in the same, and hence took to the sport like fish to water. Iran has been playing the sport traditionally and professionally for a while, and it is only natural that they would compete at the highest level. The way these nations have been introduced to the game is varied, but they all pursue it. The love of the game and the right attitude are the big factors egging them on. It’s about taking the negatives and turning them around. It’s about sacrificing comfort for something much greater; and about being committed for the greater good! 

And this is the common theme at the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup being hosted in Ahmedabad, and the invisible motto with which the teams are being guided into the tournament. So, whether you’re a diehard supporter of a team or just a neutral spectator who loves watching a high intensity contact sport, know there is something bigger you are cheering for. This sport means so much to a collective of players and coaches that they are giving it their all. With these magnificent gladiators all set to battle at The Arena, we just have one thing to say: To those about to raid, we look forward to you gracing the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup!