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Argentina set to surprise at the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup

03 October 2016

For a nation long enchanted by football, Argentina took to kabaddi without breaking into a sweat.

A nation that also adores basketball, hockey and rugby, the simplicity and power of kabaddi allowed Argentinians to embrace the discipline, leaning towards the traditional and beach format of the game as it reflected the sporting identity of the country.

Its inception in Argentina came with national coach Ricardo Acuna, who witnessed the game in 1999 in Canada, dubbing it as the ‘best sport of the century’. Captivated by the agility and tactics involved, he proposed the sport to be inducted at the grassroots level, which led to 32 schools having it on their roster from 2002 to 2006 in a bid to acquaint countrymen to the sport.

It also helped that budding football players – as young as the age of three – who developed their physique rapidly could switch to kabaddi smoothly. Those participating in other sports, like wrestling and judo, could oscillate with kabaddi effortlessly as well.

Having kabaddi included in the Alternative Sports Confederation (CODASPORTS) served as a catalyst to spread its wings too and is cited as the primary reason for the swift development of the sport. It has risen and now sits as one of the premier alternative sports of Argentina.

The South American nation currently has five federation clubs for the sport in six different provinces with 150 active players, of which 85 are women. Bolstered by the International Kabaddi Federation that harnessed and enhanced basic skills by improving their training regime and organising camps across the globe, the Argentine players have been hailed as quick learners.

At the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, Argentina is also expected to bank on the surprise factor aligned with the power and strength they look to exude.

With such an eventful journey, Argentina will enter the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup with a lot of expectation and support coming from their homeland. Surely, a team of this calibre will hope to inflict some damage on other competing nations.